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The Basics About the Trip

Join us on an epic Tier 2 Man Up Adventure.

Our Tier 2 Bomber Mountain backpacking Adventure will take place deep within the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area of the Big Horn Mountains in northern Wyoming. The dates of the Adventure are Thursday, August 4th (arrival) through Monday morning, August 8th (departure).This trip is only open to men who have already completed one of our Tier 1 Adventures.

Featuring breathtaking backcountry wilderness and culminating in the summitting of legendary Bomber Mountain, this exciting Adventure features powerful Tier 2 content that will help guide men deeper into the heart of God's transcendant vision for their lives. There are only 10 spots available for this trip, so you'll want to act fast! You can secure your spot by filling out the online registration form and submitting your payment.

The registration rate for this Adventure is $495. Registration will end on April 30, 2022.

Your registration cost includes campground accomodations, all camp meals (including campfire snacks), guided* backpacking adventure, and event registration.

Because of the strenuous nature of this trip, there are physical requirements that must be strictly adhered to in order to participate (look for the "Physical Fitness Requirements" section on this page). Backpacking and mountain climbing are not for the faint of heart.

Use the form on the Contact page if you have questions or need additional information. After registration, all pertinent, trip-related information will be sent to the registrant via email no later than 120 days prior to the start of the Adventure. We're super excited to have you join us on this Adventure!

Basic Adventure Info


Curriculum - Tier 2
Difficulty - STRENUOUS
Type - Backpacking
Where? - Cloud Peak Wilderness Area, Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming. (click for map)
When? - August 4 - 8, 2021
How Much? - Registration rate is $495.
Registration ends on April 30, 2022.
Who? - This Tier 2 Adventure is only open to men who have already completed one of our Tier 1 Adventures.

Adventure Overview


We will begin our Bomber Mountain Adventure at West Tensleep Campground Overnight Parking Lot in the Big Horn National Forest. From there we will backpack into the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area and set up our base camps. From day two's base camp we will forge out on our conquest to summit Bomber Mountain to the crash site of the B-17 Flying Fortress. We will end our trip together back at the West Tensleep Campground area with our traditional Last Supper at Meadowlark Lodge and Tier 2 Ceremony on Sunday night. Continuing in our commitment to experiential learning, we have carefully chosen the various trailside classrooms in which we'll be conveying the exciting new Tier 2 content.

Because of the unique nature of this trip, your gear, physical fitness, and level of personal preparedness will require more pre-trip attention than the Tier 1 trip(s) you have already participated in. We have provided more detail on these important areas below.

Physical Fitness Requirements


The following measurements are important when considering to participate in a trip of this magnitude:

  • The Bomber Mountain Adventure features a cumulative roundtrip distance of approximately 23 miles. Approximate roundtrip hiking distance is 20 miles. Approximate roundtrip climbing distance is 3 miles.
  • 15 of these hiking miles will take place with a backpack weighing approximately 40 lbs.
  • Our entire trip will be spent above 9,000 ft, peaking around 12,000 ft.
  • Our summit to the Bomber Mountain crash site will feature a very steep 1,500 ft of elevation gain. This entire strech of above treeline mountain terrain is filled with boulders (no trail) and will require dexterity, balance, and lower body/core strength.

Because of the strenuous nature of this trip, after registering, we require each registrant to undergo a physical fitness test to confirm their eligibility for this trip. Should a registrant not meet the physical fitness standards, their registration cost will be fully refunded. Additionally, a commitment to physical fitness by all participating parties will be necessary for the overall safety and enjoyment of the group. After passing the eligibility physical fitness test, each participant will be required to fulfill the time-bound physical conditioning regimen (shown below) in the months leading up to this trip. Failure to complete these required regimens will result in dismissal from the trip. (Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician.) Each participant will need to physically be able to carry their own gear for the duration of the Adventure. Serious Adventure requires serious preparation.

Required Eligibility Physical Fitness Test:

  • Registrant must be able to run a mile in nine minutes to ensure adequate cardio vascular physical fitness.
  • Registrant must complete a 4 mile hike with at least 500ft of total elevation gain (including a minimum of 200ft of continuous elevation gain) within a two hours while carrying a 40lb. pack.
  • Specific instructions regarding the two above requirements will be sent to the registrant following initial registration.

Required Physical Regimen:

  • April: Walk, jog, swim, or pedal a bike for 20 minutes at least three times a week. Gradually increase the length and the intensity of exercises.
  • May: Continue excercising. Walk, jog in place, swim, or pedal a bike for 20 minutes or more at least three to five times a week. Gradually increase the length and the intensity of exercises. If you need to purchase a pack or footwear, make sure you have done this by now. See our separate sections for gear recommendations.
  • June: Continue exercising. Increase cardio time to 30 minutes per session. Schedule two 3-4 mile hikes. (Make sure to use these and subsequent hikes to break in any new footwear.) Wear your backpack on the second hike with moderate weight in it.
  • July: Continue exercising at 30 minute cardio increments. Schedule two more hikes (one of 3-4 miles and one of at least 5 miles). Continue wearing your backpack on these hikes. Increase the weight for each hike until your backpack weighs at least 30 lbs for the final 5+ mile hike.
  • August: Continue exercising right up to the day you depart for our Adventure. Come to Wyoming in great physical and mental condition, ready for carrying a 40 pound pack over rugged trails at high elevations.

Helpful links:

Your Backpack


Making sure you have the right backpack will be important! Everything you bring on this trip must fit inside your backpack.

Each participant's pack should have a capacity of at least 60L. Having enough space and understanding exactly how and what to pack will be crucial (we'll talk more about packing with registrants as the Adventure time draws nearer). Additionally, each participant will be asked to reserve 1/4 of their pack space to help haul group gear and food (approximately 8 lbs) to our base camp location.

We expect your final pack weight to be approximately 40 lbs. Finally, making sure that your pack is fitted to the specifications of your body is very important for your comfort and overall experience. READ THIS ARTICLE before making a purchase. Picking up a rain cover for your pack (or purchasing a pack that comes with one) would be a good idea.

Your Tent


Backpacking can introduce complexities when it comes to choosing a tent. Unlike drive-up camping, weight is an enormous concern when it comes to a tent. Luckily there are loads of lightweight, single or double options when it comes to backpack tenting. If you only own large, heavy tents, THIS ARTICLE will aid you in choosing a backpacking-friendly tent. Don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money on a tent, just make sure that it's lightweight, sturdy, and watertight - those are the things that will matter most out in the wilderness.

Other Gear


Here is a list of other gear that will play a vital role in your Bomber Mountain backpacking Adventure:

  • Footwear: Sturdy, supportive footware is important when it comes to backpacking. HERE is an article that covers the components, fit, and various types outdoor footwear options out there. Again, don't feel pressured to spend tons of money. You may already have footwear that's suitable for our trip. By test driving your footwear during the pre-Adventure physical regimen process, you'll be able to make sure you're ready to go when Adventure time comes.
  • Water Container: Having a trustworthy solution for carrying your personal water during our trek will also be very important. (We will provide a water filtration pump to ensure safe, clean water for camp and personal usage.) Most all modern backpacks have spots to hold water bladders, however Nalgene bottles are also great ways to carry your personal water. It all boils down to personal preference.
  • Rain Gear: Lightweight and packable is the name of the game here.
  • Base Layers: Each participant should bring with one pair (top & bottom) of base layers in the event of cold or hypothermic conditions.
  • Sleeping Bag: Finding a sleeping bag that's warm, but also lightweight can sometimes prove to be a costly chore.
  • Sleeping Pad: When high-stakes Adventure is on the line, getting a good night's sleep is vital. THIS article walks you through the different features to look for in a sleeping pad.
  • Smaller Items: There are several other smaller items that you will need to bring such as utensils, eating dish/bowl, flashlight. There are also other items that we recommend bringing along such as a hat, sunglasses, chap stick, etc. We will provide each registrant with a detailed list of these items in the months leading up to the trip.

Registration & Cancellation Policy


Registration Policy

There is a $50 non-refundable processing and registration fee included in the cost of your Adventure/Campfire registration.

Cancellation Policy

We offer a full refund (minus the $50 processing and registration fee) to those who cancel anytime up until 120 days prior to the Adventure/Campfire.

Due to the up-front costs involved in preparing for this trip, as well as the advance physical fitness requirements for attendees (which makes it difficult to replace late cancellations), cancellations that occur at, or within 120 days of the trip date are non-refundable. Due to the need for mutual commitment, this policy is extremely firm. When registering for one of our trips, each participant signs off that they've read and understood the above Cancellation Policy.

Because every Adventure needs a Guide*

Your Bomber Mountains Adventure Guides*

Let's not kid ourselves, we know that when it comes to the adventure of manhood, God is the greatest guide. There's no greater adventure than the journey towards the discovery of the man inside. God's formation of great leaders frequently led them outside - into the wilderness. Moses found himself and his God on the backside of nowhere. It was the God-ordained wilderness experience that inaugurated a young David into an influential king. Even Jesus launched his ministry immediately after a time in the wilderness. The bottom line: The wilderness makes you Man Up. As your Adventure Guides*, let us lead you into the wilderness on a similar journey into authentic Biblical manhood.

Galen Thompson


Adventure Guide*
Nathan Thompson


Adventure Guide*

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